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  • • Immediate Availability – eStatements are available on the first day of the month – days before paper statements normally arrive in your mailbox.
  • • Easy Online Access & Retrieval – eStatements are viewable in PDF format and easily accessible on your laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Save them to your computer for permanent electronic archive or print them if you prefer.
  • • Enhanced Security – Protect your information from being stolen from your mailbox. eStatements are secured by your online login credentials and can only be viewed by you.
  • • Automatic Storage – eStatements provide a repository for your last 18 months of statements in one secure place.
  • • Save Money – eStatements are provided at no charge. Paper statements may cost $4.95 depending on your account type.
  • • Eco-friendly – Replacing your multi-page paper statement with an electronic version helps conserve natural resources.