Debit Cards

Our debit cards give you easy access to the funds in your checking account when and where you need them, whether it’s at the ATM or making a purchase at a retailer or online. We even offer an Instant Issue debit card that will cut down on the time it takes to receive the card in the mail (some restrictions and fees may apply). River Bank will also automatically refund other banks’ ATM fees to make banking with us more convenient.

To report a lost or stolen debit card call 844-202-5333.

Manage Cards

Now you have the power to switch your debit card off and on whenever you want! Our new Manage Cards feature is offered on our mobile banking app and within online banking. Turning your card off when you know you won’t be using it for a while is a great way to help protect yourself against fraud.

So, how might you want to use this feature? Here are a few examples:

• You have momentarily misplaced your debit card. You are reasonably confident it is somewhere in your house/car/etc. but have not found it yet. You lock your card while you search for it, as a precaution. Then, if you locate your card you can unlock it immediately. Or, if you cannot locate it, you can take the next step of contacting us so that we can cancel your debit card and reissue a new one to you.
• You will be traveling for business all week. You know that all your expenses will go on your corporate credit card. So, you choose to lock your debit card while you are gone.
• You rarely use your debit card, so you keep it locked until you’re ready to use it. This provides you with peace of mind.

Are you ready to try it out? Within our mobile banking app, click on “Manage Cards” then select the debit card you want to turn off/on and follow the instructions. Within Online Banking select “Manage Cards” then select the debit card you want to turn off/on and follow the instructions.

(Turning your card OFF only impacts future debit card (point of sale and ATM) transactions. Any previously authorized transactions will be paid, and any recurring transactions you had previously set up will still occur. Turning your card off will not affect your checks, mobile or internet transfers, bill payments, or any other type of transactions in your account(s).)

Debit Lock