Cash Management 101

Gene Crane, EVP & Business Banking Manager

As banking technology has evolved it has become easier, faster and more secure for a business owner to view account information, initiate payments, make deposits remotely, move funds between accounts or loans, and manage the risk of check fraud. And all of these can be done from the office or via a mobile device. These fee-based services are provided by many banks and represent significant value to a business in terms of saving time and travel, providing enhanced account security, improving internal controls, and providing greatly enhanced recordkeeping. We think it is wise for a business owner to learn about these services and the benefits they could bring to a business. We are often asked the questions below:

It is difficult to be available to sign payroll checks. How can I eliminate issuing checks for while on the go?

Paying your employees electronically has never been easier, or more secure! You can structure access levels for your Payroll Staff with available security checkpoints and alert notifications along the way. Add in the benefit of employees receiving an email to let them know their pay is on the way for a full-circle, paperless payroll experience.

My business has satellite offices that are outside of the bank's footprint, and I struggle to make it to the bank in time. Is there a solution?

Our Commercial Remote Deposit service breaks down the geographical barriers for your business banking needs. Imagine your very own electronic courier service, providing you with a 24/7/365 delivery channel to deposit checks into your bank account with on-demand access to reporting tools that make record keeping a breeze!

My business issues check payments for Accounts Payable but we don't have a way to protect against check fraud. How can we protect our funds?

With Positive Pay, we provide that “check and balance” mechanism to keep your money protected. You have ultimate control over the checks that are presented for payment against your account. You tell us the checks that you have issued, and we allow you to make the decision when something doesn’t match. Simple, yet sound security.