Personal Lines of Credit

A River Bank & Trust Personal Line of Credit provides you with the flexibility to borrow money when you need it. These lines of credit can be secured or unsecured and offer competitive interest rates.

  • No annual fee
  • WSJ prime rate based (Subject to Floor)
  • Renewal term of two years
  • Interest only repayment option (two years tax returns and current personal financial statement required)

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These forms are available in PDF format that you can download and print out. If you download these documents online, we advise you to save it to your personal computer. Close the web browser and then open the document from your local directory on your computer. You may upload the completed application to our Share Portal, or you may print out the completed document and bring it to your local office. If you leave this document open on a web browser this information can be intercepted by a third party without your permission or knowledge. If you received a file electronically in an email from River Bank & Trust, we advise you to follow the same procedures listed above. Do NOT send this or any document to us electronically through email. Email is not a secure way of contacting us and the information can be intercepted by a third party.