• Revisit Your Financial Relationships

    In order to prevent another financial crisis, what changes will you need to make to your current financial relationships? Consider the following. Career. Do you need to increase your income with a…

  • How Does the Fed Impact the Economy?

    One of the most important responsibilities of the Fed is setting the federal funds target rate, which is the interest rate banks charge each other for overnight loans. The federal funds target rate…

  • How is the Fed Organized?

    The Federal Reserve is composed of three key entities—the Board of Governors (Federal Reserve Board), twelve Federal Reserve Banks, and the Federal Open Market Committee. The Board of Governors…

  • Deal-Making Terms

    An acquisition is the purchase of one company by another that is paid for with stock, cash, or both. The target firm is absorbed by the buyer, and the buyer's stock continues to trade. The target…

  • A Look Inside: Community Banking

    Have you ever noticed how many financial institutions there are? Look around the next time you’re out for a drive. There is one on almost every corner. You’ll see mega banks, credit…

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